Varicocele (varicocoele) and male infertility microsurgery: microsurgical varicocelectomy, vasectomy reversal (vasovasostomy, micro VVA), vasoepididymostomy (micro VEA), and female tubectomy reversal.

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The terms 'varicocoele' and 'varicocele' mean the same thing. The first is the British* spelling, and the second's the American one. There are already many other content-heavy varicocele sites out there in cyberspace. Many of these are comprehensive sources of information to medical professionals, varicocele afflicted patients, and lay surfers.

This site doesn't intend to be another such. It is a very basic varicocele information site that's been created especially for men and boys with varicoceles and will restrict itself to practical FAQs that these males or those interested in these males might want answers for. It also provides links to other men's health and andrological conditions, Andromeda Andrology Center, and Dr. Sudhakar Krishnamurti, who is the first Indian infertility microsurgeon to perform microsurgical varicocelectomy surgery (since 1988).

Half of all infertility (50 %) is male factor related and a varicocele is the commonest detectable and correctable cause.


What is a Varicocele?
Diagnosis of Varicocele
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Treatment for Varicocele
Varicocele - The Final Word
Microsurgery in Male Infertility

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